First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Our First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Preparation program begins in 1st grade and continues into 2nd grade and is part of our Sunday morning Faith Formation Programs. Typically, children receive these sacraments in the spring of their 2nd grade year. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and as a result understand that these two sacraments may happen at times other than 2nd grade depending on the child’s individual needs. Please speak with Lara Ericson about the timing of these sacraments for your child/ren if you have any questions.

Families may register their child/ren for these sacraments in the fall when they register for Faith Formation. Families who have their children enrolled in private Catholic schools need only register for preparations in 2nd grade. You would register for what is called, “Sacramental Preparation Only.” Because your child/ren receives formal religious education as part of their school curriculum, we do not require that they participate in our Sunday morning Faith Formation Programs, though they are more than welcome to do so. The requirement for children in Catholic Schools is to participate in our catechesis sessions in preparation for the two sacraments.

Preparations for these two sacraments include a parent/child catechesis retreat prior to the reception of each sacrament. First Eucharist preparation also includes a rehearsal the Thursday before your child/ren’s First Eucharist celebration. First Reconciliation generally occurs in the middle of Lent. First Eucharist, as a general practice, occurs the first two Saturdays in May and the third Sunday of May for the Latino Community. Parishioners are able to participate in any of the First Eucharist celebrations they choose.

Once your child/ren have registered for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist you will receive additional information from the Faith Formation Team about the schedule for parent information meetings.