Liturgy Commission


The Liturgy Commission is open to all parishioners and meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except during the summer). The Commission is responsible for the overall planning of liturgy at the parish. Participants meet for reflection on upcoming readings and liturgical seasons and discuss ways of making communal liturgy at St. Ignatius prayerful and edifying.

Other ways to become involved with the liturgical life of St. Ignatius include:

  • Eucharistic Bread Bakers

  • Eucharistic Ministers

  • Hospitality Ministers

  • Lectors

  • Liturgical Art and Environment Committee

  • Liturgical Coordinators

  • Music Ministers

If you are interested in becoming a Liturgical Ministrer, click here for the sign-up form.

Commission Members

Carol Abel
Berta Alvarado
Matthew Anderson
Michael Burgo
Amy Doherty 
Strad Engler
Mary Elizabeth Hooker
Rita Rodriguez

Carol Russo, Chair
Mary Lou von Euw

Liturgy Commission Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 Coordinators Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes 


Liturgical Ministries Info Sheet

Ministerios Liturgicos 


Other Websites of Interest:

For reasons to prepare for Sunday liturgy

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